What’s this all about?

I have been trying to figure out how to start my first blog entry without sounding boring. I have fantasised about producing such poetical, fluid writing with a sprinkle of humor so that I sound cool enough but the more I over think, the longer it takes for me to get anything completed! With that being said, I guess I’ll use this opportunity to introduce myself….

I am a mother, fiance, daughter and sister. For years I have wanted to start a blog to inspire others but my lack of self-belief, fear of what others might say or think and lack of focus has hindered me from doing so. These are just a few of the issues that have blurred my perceptions of myself and of life itself.

I have also battled with anxiety, perfectionism, and *holds breath* depression; the one that comes with its big bag full of stigma and shame.

I have seen friends and acquaintances achieve goals, strive towards their passions and even make a living from it whilst standing in the shadows watching and cheering them all on with admiration and awe. OH GOD, THERE I GO COMPARING MYSELF AGAIN! So what has stopped me all these years from pursuing any of my interests and/or passions?

  • Fear of not being perfect? (Perfectionist struggles)
  • Not believing I am good enough or worth the attention?
  • Negative associations of self-worth?
  • Lack of motivation?

Well, here I am, baring it all with the hope of helping other women who can relate to anything I may talk about and to realise that you’re not alone and neither am I! I have no idea what direction my blog will go in or even how to propely use this platform but I guess this my way of jumping in feet first then worry about the details later. Mental well-being is more important than some of us realise. Poor mental health can be just as disabling as poor physical health.

Before I waffle on much more and talk about butterflies and roses, I have asked myself this, what is the purpose of my blog? I guess my hopes are that I am able to help others but most importantly help myself to heal. My aim is for purpose over popularity. I have told myself it’s now or never. Whatever it is you have always wanted to do, DO IT! You owe it to your future self and you deserve it! 2017 is the year for transformation and elevation, spiritually, mentally and physically. Hopefully it will be for you too

With love and light

Lyn x