Isn’t it funny how…

…anything can happen in a 24 hours. Manifest it, believe in it, work in secret and have faith that your hearts desires will come to pass…

*heads up: long blog post!*

So a month ago I decided to take a social media detox from Snapchat,  instagram and Facebook.   I didn’t go too extreme and include WhatsApp like I once did some years ago. One night I was busy being a fly on the wall looking at other people’s lives on Instagram and wishing my life wasn’t so mediocre and decided there and then that I’d had enough and needed a break from social media and to focus on my personal development. 

In an earlier post I mentioned I had been volunteering as a receptionist for Peabody Pembury in Hackney for 3 months. During my time there, I had ups and downs, highs and lows; all of which stemmed from anxiety of where my future was heading. The uncertainty of my job prospects and feeling like I hadn’t achieved or been where I wanted to be at that moment became overwhelming times. I thank the heavens for my amazing colleagues who were always mentoring and encouraging me. They’d always support my dreams in so many ways from putting me in touch with relevant departments for opportunities, sending me on courses and training etc. I can’t thank them enough for their support and guidance and even left with a few long term friendships and connections. 

Whilst there, I made it a must to network and soak up all my opportunities as much as possible. I worked closely with an employment and training advisor who offered help and advise with jobs and training. I spoke to people from different departments to gain a deeper understanding of what they did in their day I. E youth support, parent support. After doing this for some time I realised I needed to take control of believe in myself more. Instead of applying for jobs in my comfort zone I needed to take the plunge and go from jobs in the field I am most passionate about; mental health. So I began applying for jobs out of my comfort zone and more aligned with my future prospects. 

I realise I’m waffling here,  do that a lot, sorry! 

Fast forward to last week Monday, my last day as a volunteer receptionist. I woke up feeling very optimistic, and confident that I was going to be offered a permanent part time position with Peabody. I imagined walking in and having my volunteer exit interview with my supervisor and being offered a paid position with the company. My time had come! All the manifesting and positive affirmations I had done for 3 months was about to pay off! All my hard work in applying for an endless amount of jobs night after night seemed to come to an end (for now).

On my way to work, about to get off the bus I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognise. On the other end was a pleasant sounding man from a company I had applied to work for but had forgotten about as I’d applied for so many companies. After a long chat I was offered an interview for the next day. Sheesh! I hadn’t even sat at my desk at on my last day as a volunteer yet and the universe was already opening another door for me! Inside, I was jumping for joy, honoured at the fact that, even though I didn’t have the job yet, someone had seen my C.V and was impressed by what they saw. How did I go from being out of work for 3 years and feeling extremely insecure with my abilities to being offered a job in the mental health field. 

At the end of my shift I rushed to an interview for the next level of my counselling course and was offered a place to continue my training.  Might I add that it was the last place! 

The next day, I was bricking it! My anxiety levels were through the roof! I had been out of paid employment for just over 3 years too long, how was I going to survive an interview without sounding inexperienced and insecure? By the end of the interview I left wanting to do cartwheels down finchley high Road. This was it, I was back in my element of being a working mother who was also training to become a therapist. For the first time in a while I felt like I was a step closer to accomplishing my goals. 

So within 24 hours, I had been accepted for further training in counselling and gotten myself a new job. In just under 48 hours I had a call for another job in the same field but in a hospital setting. I was on fire! As much as I was loving all this attention and opportunities, there was also a big part of me that found it slightly uncomfortable, almost as if I wasn’t worth all the fuss and couldn’t make sense of how perfect the timing of everything was. When you aren’t used to thinges going smoothly or being in the shadows for some time, it can all feel surreal when positive vibrations are being sent your way. 

Nonetheless, I am eternally grateful for the journey I am about to embark on. It will be very busy and gruellong at times but with the determination and focus I know I can have it will all be worth it. 

My social media detox was very much needed. I focused on myself, worked hard, prayed, manifested an abundance of positivity through the law of attraction and it has all been proof that when I put my mind to it, I can have anything I wish, so long as I am patient yet full of faith and graitude for even the smallest of gifts.

Love and light to you all 💜

2 thoughts on “Isn’t it funny how…

  1. Loved this one… not to say I haven’t enjoyed the others. But where this one was so relatable, especially during this moment for me it was fun to read. Keep manifesting good things for yourself. You deserve it!!

    1. Haha..thank you Jes. It’s not always an easy road at the time but when u start to see results it’s magical! Thank you and much love xxx

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