Lessons from my social media detox 




Social media is a platform that allows us to connect with people all over the world. For some, it’s a way to get their message or brand out there to lots of people. For others it’s simply a way to stay in touch with family and friends. Some people use it to just help their hours go by or to laugh at humorous “memes”, messages etc…

For me however, it became a platform of fuelled self-doubt, decreased self-esteem and comparisons with others which became a NO NO in my books. So what did I learn during and after my detox from the world of virtual socialising?

  1. Mindfulness! Focusing on the only time that matters; the here and now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday just now. This taught me to allow myself to feel whatever I was feeling, tune myself into where it was coming from and truly connect with self and others without the distraction of grabbing my phone to aimlessly scroll on Instagram or Facebook to see what others were up to in their lives then feeling crap about mine.
  2. Enjoying and appreciating my time with those around me. Didn’t matter if it was a stranger on the bus, a close friend a family member or myself!
  3. Seeing the benefits of spending time alone (which I used to loathe!!). I actually enjoy being alone now.  I used to feel the need to busy myself with having friends round, talk on the phone or be around others. Now I love myself enough to appreciate needing quiet time to re-energise and refresh my mind and body.
  4. No longer feeling the need to compare my journey with others’ journeys and not feeling like I needed to only post “cute” pictures to stay relevant.
  5. Using my time practically and not aimlessly and having the time to work on my self-development.
  6. Becoming more grounded and prayerful; connecting to source energy as though they were my best friend.
  7. Checking on friends via calls and text messages rather than relying solely on social media to communicate.
  8. Appreciating my family more.
  9. Valuing my time and setting boundaries with others without feeling bad about it.
  10. My children received a better version of myself as a mother. I made the most of all our social engagements and quality time. I forced myself to get out and explore. In the past, my depression and anxiety hindered my motivation to leave the house and do anything fun which meant my children suffered as a result. During my detox, it was nice to not feel the need to show the world I was “having a good time” and to be present. The only time I used my phone was to take a pictures (not with snap chat).
  11. I wrote A LOT! All I wanted to do was write and write. My diaries/journals/notebooks went everywhere with me and expressed whatever I was feeling. If I wasn’t writing, I would record a video diary or speaking into a Dictaphone. This taught me the importance of record keeping and also helped with content for future work. Also, it was a relaxing way to share my thoughts without judgement and hopefully see a pattern in when and why I would feel what I was feeling.

More than anything, I most learned GRATITUDE. When you step off grid for a bit you learn to humble yourself and find things to be happy about rather than complaining and always asking for more. I became still within myself, began to notice the smallest things I was always to busy to notice i.e a butterfly fluttering by, my children showing me something small, the direction of the wind, a smile from a stranger on the bus, my pulse, irrational thoughts, the list goes on!


Love and light to you all xxx

Thoughts? Feel free to comment!