Motherhood isn’t always pretty

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding roles in world but there are times when some of us have dark times or have dark thoughts that we often feel ashamed of sharing with others as it doesn’t always match the “pretty put together mother” we often see in social media. **This post may have triggers for some** Whilst it’s inspiring (sometimes) to see images of parents that spend their days being creative with their children with smiles and joy, rainbows[Read more]

Depression or Existential Crisis? 

Every day I questioned why I was alive, why I existed and what my purpose was on earth. I tried to find meaning in everything, in my actions, in my words, in other people’s words, in my breath, in my being itself. Life became a big mush of nothingness to the point of no feeling. I was a zombie; felt nothing, cared about nothing and was neither here nor there. If I felt nothing, what was the point in carrying[Read more]

Lessons from my social media detox 

      Social media is a platform that allows us to connect with people all over the world. For some, it’s a way to get their message or brand out there to lots of people. For others it’s simply a way to stay in touch with family and friends. Some people use it to just help their hours go by or to laugh at humorous “memes”, messages etc… For me however, it became a platform of fuelled self-doubt, decreased[Read more]

Isn’t it funny how…

…anything can happen in a 24 hours. Manifest it, believe in it, work in secret and have faith that your hearts desires will come to pass… *heads up: long blog post!* So a month ago I decided to take a social media detox from Snapchat,  instagram and Facebook.   I didn’t go too extreme and include WhatsApp like I once did some years ago. One night I was busy being a fly on the wall looking at other people’s lives[Read more]

That awkward moment when…

Firstly, I’d like to take this time to say THANK YOU to those who are subscribed and have been following me and my journey so far. You are appreciated and it means a lot! So a few weeks ago I checked (for the first time) how many subscribers my blog had. To my disappointment I saw that I only had 3 email subscribers Being the honest person I usually am, I’m not going to lie and say that this didn’t[Read more]

When confusion sets in…

Sometimes, we can allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with confusion over which path to take to get to our happiness quicker. Maybe we need to just trust the process, think positively and let things fall into place. Currently sat at my desk at work, my mind running a thousand mph with all the possible ideas of what my next job role should be. Whilst I’m certain about my career as a psychotherapist I’m currently confused with what jobs to apply for[Read more]

Social Media Detox

                                                                               10:18am and I just woke up. I got woken up by an important phone call but to be honest I needed to wake up. Usually, when I wake up, my first action is to search for my phone, switch on my internet data/WIFI, wait for any incoming messages and notifications then scroll through snapchat, Facebook and Instagram aimlessly… This is usually followed by dragging myself out of bed and attending to my boy’s, or getting[Read more]

Journey To Self-Love

The journey to self-love can sometimes be a gruelling journey but very much worth it in the end when you finally begin to love yourself more and realise you are worth so much more than you have ever given yourself credit for. Below I share with you everything I have done in the last few months and what I will continue to do to heal. Every morning, write down three or more things you are grateful for. By doing this[Read more]

Could you tell if you looked at me?

You don’t look like someone who suffers from depression,  I would have never known! I’ve known you for so long and all this time I never knew But you always seem so fine Since speaking openly about depression and I’ve had a range of responses ranging from shock, upset, worry and relief. Its been interesting to notice the reactions from friends, acquaintances and strangers. Some people have been saddened and have apologised, others have felt relieved to know they aren’t[Read more]