Smile, it’s easier.

Friend: “How are you hun?” Me: “I’m alright thanks, you?” …because its easier to just say i’m fine than to explain what I’m really feeling. The best way to describe what depression (for me) feels like: I get easily annoyed and irritated by the slightest turbulence (When I’m at my lowest) I feel nothing. “Meh” and “numb” are the best words for this feeling. I push people away who try to show their support. I can’t think straight, make my[Read more]

Reflecting Reflecting Reflecting

Currently reflecting on my past, present and future. friendships lost or diminished, jobs I have left and opportunities I have missed all because of two things; lack of balance/timing and low self-worth. As much as people like to assume that I am confident within myself and sure of who I am, the truth is, I am not and I do not. I have always lacked the knowledge of finding the right balance when in friendships, finding a healthy work and[Read more]